What is Everydayactors.com?

Everydayactors.com is an online database of actors, extras, models and on-screen talent working, or available for work in the US, Canada and UK Film and Television Industries. Everydayactors.com provides search features to agencies/production companies.

How do I register with Everydayactors.com?

Just register online here. You can register by paying by credit card or through Paypal.

Why do you charge $4.99?

Creating a profile is only $4.99 per month. For less than the cost of a Grande Starbucks a month your EverydayActors.com profile will be seen by casting agents and video producers looking to hire actors. The $4.99 fee covers the cost of hosting your profile, the cost of marketing our members to the people who do the hiring and it ensures our member database maintains the highest quality.

Can I register with an Agency and with Everydayactors.com?

Yes. We do not prohibit you from being represented by any agent or organization, we are just an online resource for finding actors, extras, models and on-screen talent.

Who will be using the service?

Agencies and production companies use everydayactors.com on a 'per production' basis, but are free to hire or manage any contract they like separately. With our service we will be maintaining a database of individuals that the Casting Directors and Production Companies can access online and contact individuals directly.

If I join Everydayactors.com, will I be guaranteed work?

No, there is no guarantee. Everydayactors.com does not recruit people directly for roles in movies, television, videos - we just provide free access to a database of people interested in being actors, extras, models and on-screen talent to Agencies, Production Companies and Casting Directors. Thus, we cannot guarantee that a member will get offered work.

Can I get a preferred listing?

No, we have one type of member in the interest of fairness. We allow agencies and production companies to search by the options available (gender/age/city/etc.) and the more specific the search the more specific the results displayed.

Is Everydayactors.com solely for bit parts or 'small' roles?

Not at all! Your profile can be accessed by organizations that recruit people for film, television, ad work, web videos, theatre or photography - and your role in these projects depends on you, the needs of the project and your availability. There are no limits!

Do I have be in a Union?

No, you do not have to be part of a union to get work.

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