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We had an afternoon to shoot an instructional video for a client (long story) and needed a few 'average Joes' to walk around, act like they were late/frustrated in the background. With such a small time frame we found 4 men able to meet us on set the day of the shoot and it all worked out perfectly. They worked for a few hours and got paid, we finished the video on time, and the client was happy - awesome.
Posted By: Moses
I'm a student in filmmaking of the New York Film Academy and I had to shoot my final short movie before the end of the month. I needed someone available on the following weekend to have a meeting to talk about the project. With such a short timeline I was still able to view all kinds of potential actors and make a short list of who to contact – thanks!
Posted By: Fayssal S,
We were casting for a short film, looking for 3-4 women to be office managers. We had a VERY tight schedule but at everydayactors we had lots of options to search through and we were able to quickly find the perfect ladies! Thanks again
Posted By: Melanie
I was casting a photo shoot for a gardening supply chain, and was looking for models. The timeframe to set this up was two weeks, and would pay $200. I easily found quite a few people who fit the bill, and contacting them was a snap - Thanks!
Posted By: Jules J
Our project required large 'tough' looking guys around 25-35 or so for an ad campaign. Very easily I was able to find several good options in the area we were working, and on short notice - very helpful, efficient and we were very happy with the results.
Posted By: Henry W.
I was casting for a short film called 'Footprints', shooting the last week of February, 2013. I was looking for an actor of East Asian descent who could speak either Mandarin, Cantonese or Korean – and hoping they would be able to audition asap. I was able to easily refine my search using and view a list of potential candidates – what a relief, and what a time-saver.
Posted By: Kaliopi K.
We were casting a male extra for industrial shoot - a half-day shoot where the Actor would be in several shots as a young professional dressed in a suit. No speaking parts. We were able to contact the ideal person easily and directly request their half-day rate/headshot/suit color options, and it took minutes – not hours! Thank you!
Posted By: Jason C.
I was working for a low budget short movie and looking for a feature extra (a last minute emergency) for that day. The movie, Betty, was about a burlesque performer who quit her job and the difficulty to moving on. It was to be that afternoon in Manhattan and take place in a restaurant. I needed someone to be the center of a shot and have an impact in the story. Using simplified the process and I found someone quickly – for free!
Posted By: Corentin S.
I just spent about 10 minutes clicking around the site and I think it's awesome! I can certainly see us using this for future projects. I love how you can drill down to who exactly you are looking for starting with sex and union all the way through mustache! Really great. I would love to see even more photos and videos of the talent. Most of the people I clicked on didn't seem to have many good, quality photos of themselves, and only a few had a video of their work. The more I could see up front the better chance I know they will work and the more likely I'd be to contact them.

This is a very elegant solution to the casting problem for independent films and corporate video and commercials. And the fact that it's free for me is great. Honestly I probably wouldn't go back to the site if I, as the person looking to cast someone, had to pay. And I like that you are only charging the actors $20 a year, which is more than fair, but also appropriate because based on the actors I know not all would want to pay much more than that.

Great product! Thanks!
Posted By: Nikki N.
I'd never acted before, but I figure I can look like any regular dude in any commercial, so why not see what happens? I've had a few offers mostly background/extras sort of thing, and when I have the time to do it I work - when I don't, I don't. Easy, no pressure.
Posted By: Simon
I used to audition for tv and commercials (back before I had a 'real job' lol) but now I don't have to do anything except check my email and take whatever jobs I get offered if I want to - if I'm busy I say no thanks, if I'm available and want to, I take it! These are small projects mostly, but they don't take much time and it's easy money...!
Posted By: Tanya P.
I am actually a trained actor, but it's not easy landing lead movie roles (duh) so this is a great way for me to make some extra money and get some extra experience - you never know what projects can come your way, plus my reel is growing with every gig I take.
Posted By: Kirsty A.
I am not an 'actor' but I can certainly walk in front of a camera holding a briefcase! I got a few friends to sign up too, I never thought I would get to do things like this, but the site is a great way to be found for acting jobs (even if you're not an actor hahaha). The last job was me and four friends all waving our arms and yelling 'We love it!' a few times, it took an hour and we got $80 each!
Posted By: Mitch L.
I have a hectic schedule with school, but I am able to work weekends/evenings as I like - I like the fact that there's no contract, it's cheap and I have no obligations!
Posted By: Jessica M.
Kansas City
My friend told me about this so I gave it a shot, and I'm glad I did - I was in 2 commercials! My role was just sitting at a bus stop looking at my phone, but it was easy money for a few hours work, plus it's fun being on-set and being part of the whole thing.
Posted By: Christina

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